Nampa Public School

Choosing a school today is a tough decision.  You want the best for your children and sometimes it’s hard to decide which school offers the best programming.  Here at Nampa Public School your child’s success is our primary focus.  By providing exceptional programming, a wide variety of extracurricular activities, and 1 on 1 teaching that is quite simply not possible in larger schools, we are able to meet and exceed the needs of each individual child.

We provide a safe, caring, family environment where all students are treated with respect, dignity, and fairness.  At NPS all students know this is a place where they belong.

Our Mission

It’s All About Learning!

Vision Statement

Our community, parents, staff, and students will work together to achieve high academic success for each child.
With the involvement of all these parties and an “I can do it!” attitude, we will maximize learning for all.


I will have high expectations and will create rich learning experiences where everyone actively pursues their full potential. I will maintain a healthy, safe environment that has mutual respect and honesty.

The Village of Nampa provides education for students from Kindergarten to grade 6. All secondary school students are bused to Peace River. More information about Nampa Public School visit to