Nampa Family Community
Support Services (FCSS)

Family & Community Support Services (FCSS) is a municipal-provincial program that enables Alberta Communities to take part in activities or services that strengthen the family and community. It is a cost sharing arrangement between the province and a municipality, enabling the municipality to provide services for its residents.

The FCSS Regulation says that the program must:

  • Promote volunteerism
  • Be preventative
  • Enhance, strengthen and stabilize family and community life
  • Improve peoples ability to identify and act on their own needs
  • Help avert family, or community social breakdown
  • Help prevent small problems from turning into crisis and
  • Provide citizens with information about its planning and operation
  • Use clearly identified needs and effective planning as the basis for services provided
  • Encourage cooperation and coordination with other services in the community

The FCSS Regulation says the program must not:

  • Primarily provide for recreation or leisure time pursuits
  • Offer direct financial assistance to an individual or family
  • Be primarily rehabilitative in nature
  • Duplicate services that fall within the mandate of a government agency, or services already available in the community


The Nampa/Northern Sunrise County FCSS Home Support Program is designed to promote well-being by providing assistance to elders/seniors, the ill, frail, disabled, or new mothers by assisting them in their households by:

  • housekeeping/homemaking services (routine housekeeping, laundry, etc.)
  • meal planning and meal preparation
  • limited respite care (maximum of 6 hours per week)
  • other home management services deemed appropriate

Cost of Services

Fee for services is based on a sliding scale determined by Family Income (minimum of $5.00 per hour)

If you could benefit or know someone who could benefit from the Home Support Program please call 780-322-3954 or visit one of the FCSS Offices.

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Located in the Nampa Municipal Library
Box 572, Nampa, AB T0H 2R0
780-322-3954 (phone) – Amber Houle Alicia Campbell